Berlin Children’s Choir Information

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If your child loves to sing, or move and dance to music, perform and create, then the Berlin Children’s Choir is for you!

Each week in Dahlem, Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg choirs meet to sing, dance, play, learn, have fun and make friends.

The Kita Choir is for children aged 3½-6 years of age. In each 45 minute session, as well as singing lots of songs, moving and dancing, musical concepts are introduced through games, play and use of all the senses. Children are encouraged to be creative and imaginative; to enjoy learning and love music.

The Kids’ Choir, for singers aged 6-12, sing a variety of repertoire, as well as learn and practise musical theory in each 60-minute class. Vocal and aural training are part of each session, and learning through play is a constant theme. The inclusion of musical games and drama activities create a sense of ensemble in each group, and encourages confidence in expression and performance.

The Junior Choir in Prenzlauer Berg is for kids aged 5-8. We meet for 45 minutes each week to sing and learn. This session has elements of both a Kita Choir session and a Kids’ Choir class.


  • Kids’ Choir (5-12 year olds – 60 min class) are €30 per month   
  • Kita Choir (3½-5 year olds – 45 min class ) are €24 per month 
  • Junior Choir (Prenzlauer Berg only, 45 min class) €24 per month
  • Two siblings in the Kids’ Choir pay €48 per month 
  • Two siblings in the Kita Choir pay €43 per month

COVID-19 Updates

Current Covid lockdown measures in Berlin include “no group singing”.

All Choir sessions are being held online via Zoom until further notice, and lockdown measures change.

Baby and Toddler music is also on Zoom each week ; €6 to drop in, or use half of a pre-paid session.

Berlin Children’s Choir in Dahlem


ALL SAINTS CHURCH HALL – Hüttenweg 46, 14195 Berlin
A short walk from U3 Oskar-Helene-Heim, Bus 285 Waldfriedhof (stops right outside)
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16.00 Kita Choir (for 3½-6 year olds)
16.45 Kids’ Choir (for 6-10 year olds)

Berlin Children’s Choir in Kreuzberg


A short walk from U7 Gneisenaustr. Bus 248 Marheinekeplatz (stops right outside)
Click here for directions!

16.00 Kita Choir (for 3½-6 year olds)
16.45 Kids’ Choir (for 7-12 year olds)

Berlin Children’s Choir in Prenzlauer Berg


RAUM SCHWALBE – Winsstraße 9, 10405 Berlin
M2 Knaackstraße , M4 Hufelandstraße, M10 Winsstraße
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16.15 Kita Choir (for 3½-6 year olds)
17.10 Junior Choir (for 5-8 year olds)